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Sowing Sweet Peas

A rule of thumb Australian gardeners follow about sowing sweet peas is to have them in the ground on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th. While this is an easy way to remember that the time for planting Sweet Peas is here, the day may differ a little depending on your climate.

Cooler zones can sow a little earlier, even in Spring in some cases, whilst warmer climates are safer to wait until the end of Autumn, April, and May to start sowing. Either way, Sweet Peas can be grown Australia-wide and are well worth planting in any month of Autumn for lovely blooms in both Spring and Summer.

Growing Tips:

  • Sweet Peas require plenty of sunshine, a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  • Ensure the soil has good drainage to avoid water logging.
  • Provide support for your Sweet Peas to climb as they can reach 2 meters in height.
  • If planting in pots, ensure it is deep enough for the direct roots they produce.
  • Soak the seeds for 24 hours before sowing to speed up the sprouting process.

Sweet Pea’s we love this Autumn:

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