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Common Name: Larkspur Magic Fountains Mix, Candle Larkspur
Scientific Name: Delphinium elatum
Physical Attributes: A striking mix of cherry blossom, bark blue, dark blue, lavender, lilac pink, sky blue and white flowers produce in compact fashion on tall upright stems. The center of the flowers known as ‘bees’ differ from dark to white.
Uses: Beds, borders and cut flowers.
Life Cycle: Perennial
Growing Height: 60 – 90cm
Attracts: Butterflies and beneficial pollinators.
When to Sow: Late Spring/Summer
Sowing Depth: 3mm
Sow Spacing: 35 – 45cm
Sowing Method: Recommended to start seeds and transplant once big enough to handle. Start 10 – 16 weeks before your last frost, or later for planting in Summer.
Position: Full sun/part shade
Germination Time: 14 – 21 days
Maintenance: As a shorter variety of Larkspur staking won’t be necessary unless you see your blooms leaning, then it is recommended. Cut off most spent flowers so they do not exhaust themselves in seed production and provide more blooms later in the season but do allow some self seeding to ensure flowers for the next season. Shelter from the wind as best as possible.
Seeds Per Packet: 25

*The seeds or any part of this plant may not be used for human consumption. – Food Standard Australia & New Zealand*


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