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Common Name: California Poppy Apricot Chiffon
Scientific Name: Eschscholzia californica
Physical Attributes: Satin cup-shaped flowers bloom in shades of cream and yellow with soft tinges of apricot and pink. Medium green feathery foliage.
Uses: Borders, beds, containers, mass plantings and cut flowers.
Life Cycle: Annual
Growing Height: 60cm
Attracts: Bees and other beneficial pollinating insects.
When to Sow: Autumn/Winter/Spring
Sowing Depth: 2 – 3mm
Sow Spacing: 30cm
Sowing Method: Sow direct in flowering position for best results, cover lightly and gently pack down. If starting indoors plant into biodegradable pots to avoid root disturbance as seedlings dislike this very much.
Position: Full sun
Germination Time: 10 – 14 days
Maintenance: deadhead to prolong blooms.
Seeds Per Packet: 100


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