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Common Name: Cornflower Blue Boy, Bachelor Button.
Scientific Name: Centaurea cyanus
Physical Attributes: Halo-like blue flowers with starred trumpets flare from the center outwards. Flowers produce atop tall and slender foliage.
Uses: Cut flower, fresh and dried arrangements. Beds and borders.
Life Cycle: Annual
Growing Height: 80 – 100cm
Attracts: Beneficial insects and pollinators.
When to Sow: Spring/Autumn/early Winter.
Sowing Depth: 3mm
Sow Spacing: 10cm
Sowing Method: Seedlings dislike being transplanted so direct sow into the garden in Autumn or early spring. For a prolonged harvest, sow two plantings, one month apart.
Position: Full sun
Germination Time: 7 – 14 days
Maintenance: Young cornflower seedlings can tolerate freezing temperatures, so planting in Autumn where winters are mild is acceptable. Pull up the flower in late Summer when the blooms no longer look pleasant.
Seeds Per Packet: 100

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