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Common Name: Forget-Me-Not Rose, Myositis Alpestris Rose.
Scientific Name: Myosotis alpestris
Physical Attributes: Petite flowers with five pink petals and yellow ring centers produce atop tall hairy stems.
Uses: Borders and container planting.
Life Cycle: Biennial
Growing Height: 30cm
When to Sow: Spring – Autumn. Avoid extreme heat.
Sowing Depth: 5mm
Sow Spacing: 15cm
Sowing Method: Sow seeds directly into garden beds or containers and cover with a thin layer of soil. Keep moist. Best suited in free draining soil in a cool partly shaded location.
Position: Full sun
Germination Time: 21 – 28 days
Maintenance: Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water regularly, especially during dry periods. Apply liquid fertiliser regularly for prolific flowering and plant health.
Seeds Per Packet: 100


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