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Common Name: Zinnia Jazzy Mix
Scientific Name: Zinnia Haaheana
Physical Attributes: Bright and earthy shades including red, burgundy red, chestnut, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips. Blooms often are bi-coloured.
Uses: Petite cutting flower. Garden bed edging, borders, and containers.
Life Cycle: Annual
Growing Height: 50 – 65cm
Attracts: Beneficial insects, butterflies, and bees.
When to Sow: Spring
Sowing Depth: 10mm
Sow Spacing: 20 – 30cm
Sowing Method: Outdoors directly after last spring frost
Position: Full Sun
Germination Time: 5 – 10 days
Maintenance: When seedlings reach about 20cm in height, pinch back to encourage bushy growth. Deadhead regularly.
Seeds Per Packet: 20

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