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Nuts for Nasturtiums

Hello friends,

I’m sure that no one here needs reminding that we are now officially a week into Spring (!!!) as no doubt we’re all equally excited for the change in seasons.

A warmer morning sun lifting the overnight dew off the grass, evenings that sink a little further in time, lingering with golden daylight, and the ever-unfolding profusion of flowers that comes with all things Springtime.

At the moment I am drawn to all things hanging baskets, small containers, and pots that provide little pockets of love hidden under verandahs, scattered on doorsteps, and tucked into patio corners. A big bloom filling this adoration is Nasturtiums!

I can’t get enough of these beauties and want to highlight these magnificent blooms that can be sown in pots, on wall features, to overflow terraced beds and pretty much anywhere else you wish to have them. Making them perfect for small, compact and urban gardens and farms.

Nasturtiums come in a large and varied assortment of colours, some mixed, some with paintbrush stroked centers, and others dense in a rich opaque colour. Not to mention the foliage which can be a deep and enchanting green or a marbled and variegated leaf.

Very hardy, drought tolerant and self seeding, Nasturtium is a bloom that flowers profusely and will always be a source of pleasure to watch, maintain and love.

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