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Perfect Filler Flowers For The Cutting Garden

Hello Friends,

Sowing seeds to grow beautiful lush flowers for cutting is a hobby growing in popularity by the day. Known for its good ethics, keeping things local, and pure pleasure, why wouldn’t you want to grow, cut, and design your bouquets to sell, share, or keep for yourself?

Big focal flowers tend to be the eye-catcher in the garden and wrapped in ribbon, but don’t forget the beautiful filler flowers that will ultimately allow your big blooms to shine.

Filler flowers do as you would expect they fill the gaps, add texture, create density, and can bring a wider colour palette into play.

Some of our favourite filler flowers include; Yarrow, Feverfew, Statice, Cosmos, Ammi Majus, Celosia, Baby’s Breath, Nigella & Cornflower to name a few.

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